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Surfing Digest

9.22.12 The Hook
Time: Afternoon
Surfed with: Jacob, Seemant
Swell Height: Waist - Chest
Swell Condition: some bumpy, some clean rights
Board: 9'0 Maroon Platoon

Session Highlights:
Seemant hadn't been surfing since January due to a neck injury. He wanted to get back out and Jacob wanted to go to Santa Cruz. We went to Capitola first but the tide was too high. The swell was not happening there. We drove over to The Hook and joined a large crowd of beginners on wave storms and foamies.

I met a guy named, John in the water and he said he grew up on the east coast, but had been in California for 30 years. We reminisced about hurricane season. We caught some party waves together. The tide was high making some crumbly waves, but caught a lot of fun ones. 

Seemant caught his best wave since he started learning! I was so stoked for him. He caught another one after that too!

9.24.12 Happy Birthday Marcia!
Time: Dawn Patrol
Surfed with: Jacob, Marcia
Swell Height: head high
Swell Condition: lefts with long lulls
Board: 7'10 Tweetie P

Session Highlights:

When I paddled in at LM, Marcia was there! She arrived early for her birthday surf before work.

Right when I got into the line up after saying hello to Marcia, I caught a left overhead high wave that made my whole session. I caught a few more, but not as good as the first wave of the day.

9.25.12 LM
Time: Dawn Patrol
Surfed with: Jacob, Marcia, Ed
Swell Height: Waist  - Chest
Swell Condition: cleaner right and left shoulders 
Board: 7'10 Tweetie P

Session Highlights:

Marcia told us that she was going to paddle out at LM for DP again. We decided to go out too. The swell was a little smaller at first, but as the tide changed the waves quality got a lot better. 

There were a lot of people out, but got a lot of good waves!

9.29.12 Humble Pie
Time: Mid Morning
Surfed with: Jacob
Swell Height: Head
Swell Condition: close outs
Board: 9'0 Maroon Platoon

Session Highlights:
Caught two waves but mostly whomping close outs throwing me off the wave.

Jacob and I are heading to Hawaii from Oct. 2-10! Looking forward to our Hawaiian Adventures :)


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