2022 Winter Limited Release: Nov 15 - Dec 1

BirdSwell Collection is ocean, surf and nature inspired wearable art, lino prints, and original paintings. BirdSwell is a reflection of passions for the ocean, surfing, nature, and art creation. Every BirdSwell product is created to evoke love, joy, light and connection.

BirdSwell clothing is created and printed with the linoleum (lino) block printing process. This process allows BirdSwell products to be handcrafted from start to finish. The quality of the printing is beautifully imperfect creating a vintage look and feel.

Clothing and specialty products are limited edition. After 2 weeks from the product release date, sales will close and designs will be discontinued.

Always available: Original Paintings

If you are interested in a custom project or original painting, please email: info@birdswell.com

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