Winter Limited Release: November 15 - December 1
About Us

BirdSwell is surf and nature inspired wearable art, lino prints, greeting cards, and specialty products. It is a combination of passion for surfing, ocean, nature, and art creation. Every BirdSwell product is created to spread and bring love, joy, and light.

We are independently owned and operated by surfers. BirdSwell was founded at the end of 2009 and re-ignited in 2021.

All designs are original creations by artist and surfer, Julie-Ann Burkhart (J-Bird). BirdSwell is J-Bird's artistic expression and offering.

The printing will be done with the linoleum (lino) block printing process. J-Bird has decided to do lino block printing because it allows her to handcraft the products from start to finish. She absolutely loves the lino block process and carving into the block. The quality of the printing is beautifully imperfect creating a vintage look and feel.

Clothing and Specialty Products will be limited edition and available for a limited amount of time. After 2 weeks from a product release date, we will close sales and the design will be discontinued.

Lino Block BirdSwell Prints and Greeting Cards will be readily available.

“There is no other comparable feeling of flying down the face of a wave and being in rhythm of the strength of the ocean.” - J-Bird

BirdSwell’s surf travels include:
New England, Florida, Northern and Southern California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Philippines, Ireland, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Mexico

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