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Hawaiian Trip Highlights (October 2 – 10)

When we booked our Hawaii trip, one of my top priorities was to get a koa wood Hawaiian ukulele. I brought my empty ukulele case. After we got settled in, we stopped into a shop in Waikiki. I tested out a bunch of ukuleles including one that was $2500! The one I loved the most was made by KoAloha. Jacob looked up KoAloha and realized that their warehouse was 15 minutes outside of Waikiki. When we got there, they were making ukuleles and met the CEO of the company. There was a small shop next to the warehouse. I tested out 4 different soprano ukuleles and decided to buy one! I got a great deal (half off) from the original price! Awesome people, ukuleles and company!

We got up for DP to surf with Chris Butler. Chris aka: Crib use to live in SF bay area, but he and his wife, Piyada recently relocated to Hawaii. They use to work at Stanford but now work at Hawaii Pacifica University. We met him in Waikiki and surfed Canoes. After he left, we decided to paddle out to 1st peak and caught some really beautiful long waves. I love surfing without a wetsuit!

We were invited by James and Jackie to have dinner at Jackie's Uncle Randy (aka: Pineapple) house. We had a homemade Hawaiian feast. Jackie gave us a ginger flower and tea leaf leis made by her grandmother. Uncle Randy has a lemon , tangerine and orange tree and took some back to our condo. We also had fresh starfruit and jabong from Jackie's grandmother's tree. It was an awesome night!

We got up for DP at 1st peak again, but the waves were not as good as yesterday. We still caught some nice ones, but they were not consistently rolling in. We saw a sea turtle so that made the session better.

We didn't go surfing today, but we had Leonard's malasadas (yum!!), met Jackie's grandparents and went to their house to get fresh fruit off their trees. We wish we could grow vegetables and fruits as easily as they can. It's hard being on the coast with cooler air.  We are so jealous of their plentiful fruit tree oasis. It is absolutely gorgeous and amazing! 

Jackie, James, Jacob, Uncle Pineapple and I went to on a hike to Manoa Falls. It was beautiful and the forest is so lush! After our hike, we met grandpa and grandma at Helena's Hawaiian Food. They have the most amazing Pipikaula short ribs. HOLY JABONG the food is amazing and authentic Hawaiian food. I feel so lucky that we hung out with locals and that they were so willing to show us around to the best local places.

We surfed for 4 hours with Chris Stolte. The waves were really fun! He is also here for the Aloha Ruby Conf. We went to Canoes at first, but it was too crowded for me so we paddle out to 1st peak again. I met a local guy, Monty and he was super nice. He thought I was from Hawaii but I told him "I wish!" When I told him I am I from San Francisco he said, "San Francisco surfers are the real surfers because they have guts to surf in cold water!" 

After surfing, we met up with Jackie and James and snorkeled at Hanauma Bay. The bay is really beautiful and the reef is filled with beautiful fish. A sun filled day.

We didn't go surfing today. We were going to, but I didn't feel that great. I think I got too much sun the day before. After I slept for awhile, we managed to go to the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival. We ate Big Island Abalone and other assorted seafood. After the festival, we went over to Jackie's Aunty Sheryl's house for another feast! We met more of her family. Her family is so kind and took us in.

We went for a quick DP surf before Jacob went to Aloha Ruby Conf. I also had a ton of work to do. The swell was really mushy and bumpy. It was easier for us to get out of the water today.

We met up with Denis (aka: @AREAsurf on twitter) for DP and surfed Diamond Head, Cliffs. I had only ever talked to him via Twitter so it was great to meet him! He is awesome! We had a great session and caught a lot of beautiful waves. I love reef breaks! The waves roll perfectly off the reef.

We met up with Stolte, Wes and Rich (all of which were at the Aloha Ruby Conf) for DP and surfed Canoes and then paddled out to 1st peak before we flew back to the mainland. Monty was already there and we said our good bye. He is super nice!

I caught one of my best Hawaiian waves. I was in really good position and the wave peaked up off the reef. I only had to do one stroke into the wave and I on it. The waves are mellow with fun steeper drops.

Ride Waves and Spread the Swell,

Here are pictures from our trip. Our waterproof camera is broken so we didn't get any surfing pictures.


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