BirdSwell Clothing and Apparel Collection is surf inspired wearable art dedicated to the surfing lifestyle. It is a combination of passion for art, design and surfing. Every t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, and BirdSwell product represents fun, love and respect for surfing and the ocean. Our goal is to create unique, simple yet fresh surf designs using abstracted organic elements of surfing and the ocean. We are independently owned and operated by surfers. BirdSwell was founded at the end of 2009.

All designs are original creations by artist and surfer, Julie-Ann Burkhart (J-Bird). A bird is included in the design because it represents J-Bird, a bird’s free spirit, and because birds are part of the surfing and ocean experience. Art and surfing are integral parts of J-Bird’s lifestyle and has shaped who she is today. The ocean makes her feel connected to nature and when she is in the water, there are no worries or stress. It is a natural and healthy release that she craves to the point that she even became a winter New England surfer (frigid water and weather!) and now surfs all year round in Northern California (cold water too!)

BirdSwell wants to give back through different events and initiatives to support the surf community and charities.

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BirdSwell’s surf travels include:
New England, Northern and Southern California, Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Philippines, Mexico, Ireland, South Africa, Puerto Rico

J-Bird and Jacob

Julie-Ann (J-Bird) was born in the Philippines, but was adopted at a very young age and grew up in Hampton, NH five minutes away from the beach. She learned how to surf at “The Wall” when she was 13 years old and has been surfing for 16 years all over the world.

J-Bird studied Graphic Design at Northeastern University and this is where she met her husband, Jacob. She is also a graphic design consultant at JBird Creations.

Jacob grew up in Maryland but relocated to Boston to attend Northeastern University to study Computer Science. When J-Bird met Jacob, she convinced him to try surfing and he has never looked back. He has been surfing for 10 years.

After college, J-Bird and Jacob stayed in the Boston, MA area for 5 years, but relocated to San Francisco, CA in 2010. They are both avid surfers and love to travel all over the world to surf.

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